Juana Morales
April 9, 2024

How to Sell “Expensive” Coffee:

5 Techniques from Starbucks to Engage Their Customers

Starbucks has shown us that you don't need to have the best product to sell millions, but...
How do they manage to sell a generic product at such a high price? There are 5 techniques that the brand uses to create a sense of quality and status that has allowed them to expand worldwide. Here they are:

1. Your Name is Music to Your Ears

By putting your name on the cup, they create a feeling of closeness with their customers, to the extent that you might have even posted a photo of the cup on Instagram yourself.

2. They Use Italian Words

They do this to create the perception of "high-quality coffee."

3. Baristas

The employees are known as "baristas" to distance themselves from the image of a large chain and make you feel like you're in a cozy local café.

4. Their Facilities

It's comfortable enough to work or have a meeting, but not enough to stay there for too long.

5. The IKEA Effect

They take advantage of it by allowing you to customize your drink, making you pay even higher prices.

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