Juana Morales
April 13, 2024

Do You know what is the TONE OF VOICE in typography?

FONTS have a "tone of voice" because they convey personality and emotions through their design.
Just like the way you speak can make you sound serious, funny, or friendly, fonts can also convey different feelings.

Which do you think FITS BEST with the phrase?

Designers and marketing experts carefully choose fonts to communicate a brand's identity and make the message more effective.
It's like choosing the right clothes for the occassion, but in a typographic version!

It is important to consider that the perceived tone of voice may vary depending on the individual and their cultural context, so the same font may convey different impressions to different people.

However, designers and marketing professionals often use the careful selection of fonts with specific tones of voice to effectively communicate a brand's identity or convey a message consistent with the content being presented.

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