Juana Morales
April 12, 2024

How to be an artist?


1. Express what you don't like:  

Art is a powerful form of personal expression. Don't be afraid to  explore topics that make you uncomfortable or that you consider taboo.  Use your art as a platform to convey emotions, experiences, and  perspectives that you deem important, even if they are critical or  painful.

2. Experiment with new concepts:

Creativity thrives when you're willing to explore the unknown. Don't be  afraid to experiment with different styles, techniques, and subjects in  your artistic work. Keep an open mind to new ideas and perspectives,  and allow yourself to grow and evolve as an artist through  experimentation.

3. Don't limit yourself by your disadvantages:  

We all face challenges in life, but don't let your current or past  circumstances prevent you from pursuing your passion for art. Basquiat  himself overcame significant obstacles, including racial discrimination  and poverty, to become a recognized artist. Use your personal  experiences as a source of inspiration and motivation to move forward  and challenge expectations.

4. Follow your impulses:

Authentic art emerges when you allow yourself to respond to your  creative instincts. Trust in your skills and artistic intuition to guide  your creative process. Don't worry about following rules or established  conventions; instead, allow yourself to explore freely and express  yourself authentically through your art.

Remember  that becoming an artist is a personal and unique journey for each  individual. There's no defined formula for artistic success, but by  following your passions, experimenting, and sincerely expressing  yourself through your art, you can find meaning and satisfaction in your  creative practice. Good luck on your journey as an artist!

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